The SKAWA Company is a famous Polish confectionery with over a hundred years of tradition. Our experience as well as our knowledge of customers` tastes and needs are our strong points in a constantly changing market.

We offer customers high quality products, which are healthy and produced from the best, natural, non-genetically modified resources. Our products are reasonably priced, which makes them affordable for many different consumers.

The production of the SKAWA Company is focused mainly on wafers of different gsm, and a variety of tastes, with or without chocolate cover. The most recognizable one is our triangle shaped wafer called ELITESSE. Apart from wafers we offer diverse biscuits, small ginger breads and dragees.

The SKAWA Company partners not only with numerous Polish distributors but also with huge supermarket chains. We also export our products to different countries like: Canada, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. At the same time we are open to new ready markets. Our flexibility in undertaking different enterprises in connection with attention to high quality of sweets reflect in good results of prestigious consumer competitions. We are the owners of the trademark "The Best in Poland" and in 2010 were awarded the “Goods of the Year Award” for our dragees.




These honorable mentions stimulate the management of the SKAWA Confectionery and the management of the “SKAWA- BIS” Company (our strategic investor) not only to increase shares in the national and international market but also to improve the production and the sale which are constantly assessed by those we are working for – the customers.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential business endeavors. Please see the contact page for details on how best to reach us.